Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

As technology today is upgrading at an unparalleled level, never experienced by mankind before, we constantly find ourselves in a fast-paced scenario. This leads to individuals and entities alike struggling to keep up with the technological high at all times across almost all segments. This kind of revolution that hi-end technology offers today at a massive level also demands for its critical management at an equally deep and severe course. As different technologies take birth with astounding evolution on a continuous basis, there are also many loopholes being created for the unlawful yet smart hackers to take advantage of in their ill-willed strategies. Such incidences of cybercrime and cyber fraud are increasing rapidly these days with the hackings becoming an everyday thing. This has set the companies in a bad position as these episodes of cyber hackings lead to leaking and eventually, misuse of crucial company information, leading to major losses.

All this happens due to the existing loopholes in the defined security systems of the varied companies, which lets in the mal-intentions cyber fraudsters to create havoc in the highly confidential platforms. It only does financial damage to the organizations but also harms their goodwill in the market, consequently, setting them for serious reputation tarnation and potential business drowning in future. In order to put an end to this and full proof the technical security systems of the companies, some of problem finding and relevant patching work is the solution. This is known as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing and several companies are dedicatedly working towards evolving the VAPT solutions for offering premium quality services to different entities in different fields. There is advanced software being developed that scrutinize the entire system, analyze and assess the existing functions to tap in the current type of vulnerabilities while pinpointing the particular place and time. This is done so as to be able to catch the area of problem and conduct thorough penetration testing to understand and provide the relevant resolve.

The first stage is vulnerability assessment, wherein the vulnerabilities are identified and segregated by a comprehensive scanning process and also ascertain the level of damage being caused by these vulnerabilities. Penetration testing is the second stage of this process, in which the identified vulnerabilities are then further examined and strategically analyzed so as to develop full proof system to be able to completely deter similar attempts in future. The mix of these two is together known as VAPT.