Our Services

Al Pamir provides early stage capital for the companies it invests in along with the entire set of services required. The company enables it to provide adequate services, crucial to the functioning of the companies associated with it.
Investing in potential ideas and concepts, taking the shape of big business brands with emblazoned future prospective or investing in already established brands, Al Pamir enables absolute support to each company it invests in.

Sales and Marketing

The key domain is vital to the core functioning of the company, on which the other factors depend. Colossal sales alone depict the estimated progress which excels when supported by a ground-breaking marketing strategy.

Finance & Accounts

The financial audit is a serious task; getting appropriate personnel is crucial as it involves much more than simply juggling numbers.

Human Resources

This is the fundamental pillar of a company through which it slowly builds and succeeds in every arena.

Information Technology

The section ensures to update the company with modern software, latest technologies and generates innovative techniques.

For the purpose, Al Pamir hires professionals to be employed in all the said fields respectively to enable providing adequate services, crucial to the functioning of all its invested companies. The company ascertains to have a complete understanding and management of the workflow on a regular basis and thus, periodically outlines the progress of the venture it has linked with.

This is to get a grip on an updated assessment of how accurate and fruitful the organization’s investment has been and also, brings into clear perception the corresponding future plan of action. Facilitating the best of these services, it ensures smooth work operations of the companies, attempting to haul out the best achievable focused performance. Not having to be concerned about the capital, financial aids and the adequate availability of such services, Al Pamir endeavors to have a more profitable outcome both ways.